Conference topics

Let's talk about Stress

Pressure, depression….! Stress, distress……Heart coherence at work

Heart coherence is a tool intended for learning how to manage emotional stress. It’s based on heart rate variability that’s recorded with a simple pulse sens...

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Taming the forces of stress

For over four million years, human beings have been surviving thanks to the way they react to stress. The reaction is produced by an organic, primitive wisdo...

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A doctor’s stress: how do I cope with it without feeling exhausted?

Learning objectives:

At the end of the session, participants will understand why prolonged stress, combined to an unbalanced profess...

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STRESS II… continued: The toolbox

Overall objective:

At the end of this conference, attendees will have a toolbox under their belt which they can rely on...

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Preventing golf-related injuries

Reviewing different golf swings

Understanding which moves can cause serious injuries

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