Marijuana: are your managers ready?

Tuesday August 28, 2018

Marijuana: are your managers ready?

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from Luc Chabot:

The stakes of the legalization of cannabis in the workplace 


The imminent legalization of cannabis is a burden for many employers. Internal policies are already revised and probably updated or about to be updated. The moment is perfect to educate, train and equip managers and executives. The fight against drugs in the workplace is not a new phenomenon; the legalization of cannabis is definitely an element that will make this fight more difficult. Detection is possible, it's about being trained. Teaching managers and executives to recognize intoxication, teaching them how to approach an intoxicated employee, and how to manage this employee during and especially after the event is essential to the success of this fight against drugs and addictions as well as maintaining a good ambience in the workplace.



Luc Chabot has been consulting for more than 25 years. He intervenes, among other things, in the management of alcohol and drugs in the workplace, in the implementation of policies for the prevention and management of harassment, discrimination and violence at work. He taught for over 20 years at the Université de Montréal and was responsible for substance addiction programs. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Jean Lapointe House. His scientific knowledge and especially his experience in the field as a business coach, consultant and trainer ... allow Luc Chabot to have a pragmatic and effective impact, while taking into account the reality of each company.


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