Julie Macdonald

Founder of ParlonSanté

Julie MacDonald

Finding health experts who are also excellent speakers was the goal that encouraged Julie MacDonald to create ParlonSanté in 2008. By doing so, she answered the needs of businesses that cared to improve their employees or clients quality of life through health at work or at home.

The 46 year old entrepreneur has over 27 years of experience in Sales and Sales training. She has more than 7 years of experience in the sale of pharmaceutical drugs, conference organization as a medical hospital sales representative. Her specialties were in the fields of cardiovascular disease as well as gastroenterology and cystic fibrosis.

ParlonSanté’s customer base consists of pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, law and accounting  firms, private companies, ministries, large food corporations, each one wanting to contribute to a better awareness of the role that health and well-being plays in our professional and private lives.

The founder of ParlonSanté proposes corporate gifts as well. All gifts are health related of course and some also include books that have been witten by ParlonSanté’s speakers. The foods come from quebec based companies.

In 2017, ParlonSanté is focusing on organizing new conferences, adding new speakers as well as designing new gift collections.